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At Beepings, we develop innovative solutions that aim to bring serenity to all our users in their daily lives.


Tracking, what are we talking about?

The Finders

The market is overwhelmed with solutions called trackers which are actually Finders, that apparently work autonomously but in reality depend on the proximity of a smartphone to geolocate. It is the smartphone itself that will find its position and save it on the cloud for the user who owns the Finder.

gps security

Security GPS trackers

They are mainly trackers that aim to secure objects both in a preventive way when they have embedded motion detectors, and to find them in case of loss or theft. Their main characteristics are to refresh their position every 2, 5 or 10 minutes, to be autonomous and of great autonomy as well as to operate on battery.

gps security

Activity GPS trackers

These GPS trackers are rarely autonomous in terms of power and need to be connected to the vehicle's power supply, which makes them vulnerable in their security function. They are mainly made for fleets of vehicles in an objective of activity and yield optimization.

activity trackers
activity trackers

Beepings responds to everyday needs


To secure your car
at all time


To share your motorbike
trips with your friends


To locate your scooter
in case of theft

camping car (1) 1 (6)

To track your long-
distance travel on holiday


To track the travel
of your vehicles


To optimize the travel
of your teams


To secure and geolocate
the contents of your trailer


To secure your expensive
equipment when you travel


To protect your instruments
against theft


To avoid losing your luggage
when you go on holiday


To protect your bag and all its
important contents from theft


To look after your children when they go to school

Beepings, security tracker specialist


The most urban
GPS tracker



1 year subscription
included (then 9,90 €/year)

*Delivery expected from 1st quarter 2023

The most urban GPS tracker of the market

Designed to be discrete and effective, the ZEN S GPS tracker is the ideal solution for your bag, your luggage, your child's backpack or any of your valuables on any trip in urban area.

An effective GPS tracker with record battery life

The perfect GPS tracker for your trips and your large possessions, with exceptional battery life of up to 1 year. Rechargeable, it will protect all your belongings from loss and theft anywhere in Europe (see SIGFOX coverage).


The most competitive
tracker on the market


2 years' free subscription
(then 9,90 €/year)


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