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In just a few years, smartphones, e-commerce and new digital services changed our daily lives. And making them more intense.This transformation brings many questions related to our new way of living. The privacy control, the technological capacity duty, the personal data shared are plenty of new constraints which emerged in people’s lives. At Beepings, we are “digital-enthusiastic”. We believe that technology must be people centric. We promote technology for human, helpful, easy to use and frictionless. This is the condition that the technology allows us to really control and enjoy our lives, connected to serenity. We recommend a technology controlled by its user. In respect of each of privacy and independent from the platforms that collect data. The user experience and customer satisfaction are in the heart of our project, by design. Our teams develop smart connected objects and digital services, by combining proven technologies and latest innovations. We provide technology and solutions to connect human to everything that’s matter: family, friends, car, motorbike, house… Without having to think about it. Beepings is made to fit easily in the everyday life. A mobile and desktop application allows you to follow everything that matters. Or to be notified, as you choice. Beepings connects you to everything that matters to you. Connected to serenity.

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