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The GPS tracker uses GNSS/GPS technology to calculate its position with the satellite constellations we use.

The tracker sends information via the SIGFOX network. The position information can then be viewed via the Internet using the Beepings app.

The ZEN by Beepings GPS tracker works with a SIGFOX subscription that’s included in the price for a period of 3 years. After 3 years, the subscription costs €9.90/year. The tracker does not require any additional subscription or a SIM card.

The SIGFOX network is the low-frequency network we use. It’s very difficult to jam and its European coverage is more extensive than the with the GSM network.

The tracker sends its position every 5 minutes while it’s moving.

You can connect several Beepings to the same account. There is no limit.

You can share access to your Beepings with one or more people. To do so, go to your Beepings app on the tracker you want to share and activate the sharing of your ZEN Beepings with another user by entering the email address associated with their previously-created Beepings account.

If there’s any suspicious movement, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone.

The delivery time depends on your address and the carrier. However, your order is dispatched within 48 business hours.

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