What is a GPS tracker?


A GPS tracker receives location information from a satellite through a receiver. It then transmits them through a transmitter. This information generally arrives on a smartphone on a dedicated application, such as that of Beepings, thanks to a distant server.

How it works ?

A GPS tracker allows you to geolocate an object. This device determines its own positions or coordinates using the satellites and then transmits them to the application. Geolocation is a process for positioning an object, a vehicle, or a person on a map using its geographic coordinates.

What is a GPS tracker

For example, our ZEN by Beepings GPS Tracker will receive information from the satellite to be located. You know where your Beepings are with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.
Our box emits the signal as soon as it is in motion, then approximately every 5 minutes. Its geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude are transmitted to your Beepings application so that you can control where your Tracker is located.
Our service allows you to find the locations of your vehicle for up to one year. Your data will be accessible in the history section of the Beepings application.

What is it useful for?

The GPS tracker allows you to constantly locate the property on which you have placed it.
Thanks to this, you can control your journeys or check, for example, that your classic car is still parked in your garage, that it has not moved.

What is a GPS tracker
If you park your motorcycle on a parking space, you are sure to find it when you return or to be warned with each movement.

With the ZEN by Beepings GPS tracker, you can also share your location with friends or relatives, or even draw virtual enclosures to be alerted when entering and leaving these areas precisely.

The use of these trackers is very wide and depends on the life and the use of each one.

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