ZEN by Beepings: the GPS tracker for children’s backpacks

The ZEN GPS tracker

The GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings is a low-frequency GPS locator that works throughout Europe thanks to the Sigfox network.

It improves the daily lives of many parents who wish to be reassured when their children travel alone, while giving them more autonomy and freedom.

Thanks to its technology, the GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings requires no SIM card and includes a 3-year subscription in its sales price. Then the subscription cost will only be €9.9 including tax per year.

With its record autonomy, you won’t have to recharge it every week.

The Beepings application allows you to consult all the children’s movements recorded by the GPS tracker.
Also, it is possible to receive notifications when the child leaves a defined perimeter.

In addition, the Beepings application offers the possibility to share its access with multiple users.

The ZEN GPS tracker

Tips to use the GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings:

Define virtual perimeters

Are you a mother/father thinking about giving more freedom to his child without worries ? 

With “perimeter alarm” you can receive notifications, directly on your smartphone, when there is an entry/exit from a virtual area. For example, home-school perimeter, sports activities and visits to friends after school.

SOS button 

Your child has no battery left or he is too young to have a mobile phone?

With the SOS button, he can send SOS notifications in case of emergency.
Thanks to the GPS tracker, you can locate and go and help him in a bit.


Thanks to the “share” function you can give access to your personal area of the Beepings application to multiple users and share with them all the features of the locator.

Here you can also find out how the ZEN by Beepings GPS tracker can be used for cars.


Team Beepings

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