9 reasons to equip your motorcycle with a GPS tracker to prevent theft

In France, a motorbike or a scooter is stolen every 10 minutes. That's 152 thefts of motorcycles every day!

According to our partner Mutuelle des Motards, the risk of motorbike theft has increased by 13% between 2021 and 2022. Proportionally, motorbikes are stolen far more often than cars, and scooters are targeted even more. Find out why Beepings is essential for keeping your motorbike or scooter safe.

Enhanced security

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1. Precise location

Among other things, this GPS tracker uses the low-frequency network to enable you to locate your motorbike anywhere in Europe in the event of theft. It is also non-jamming.

2. Anti-theft security

Motion detection triggers an alert as soon as any suspicious movement is detected, so you can react quickly to prevent your motorcycle being stolen.

3. Multiple functions in a single app

Access functions such as the definition of virtual enclosures, position and alert history, and in just a few clicks you'll be able to find information about your trackers, including their position and settings, as well as trackers shared with you.

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Peace of mind


4. Constant tracking

Your motorbike is protected in all circumstances thanks to the GPS tracker, which has a long battery life of up to 1 year.

5. Instant alerts via notification

Receive alerts directly on your smartphone as soon as any suspicious movement is detected, or as soon as your motorbike enters or leaves a defined area.

6. SOS button

Send your loved ones an SOS message in the event of a problem or accident, including your GPS coordinates, so that they can come to your aid.

7. Assistance in the event of theft

If your motorbike is stolen, our team can assist the police by providing all the information relating to your motorbike's last movements and position.

Easy to install and use


8. Quick to install

The waterproof GPS tracker is easy to install and conceal on your motorbike thanks to its magnetic fixing. No need for tools, in just 3 minutes your motorbike is protected.

9. Intuitive interface

The intuitive application lets you easily view your moto's location, define virtual enclosures and receive personalised alerts.

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GPS tracker ZEN L by Beepings

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  • Up to 1 year autonomy
  • Anti-jamming system
  • Anti-theft alerts thanks to motion detection
  • Geolocation in Europe
  • SOS button
  • Sharing position between users
  • Alert perimeters
  • Travel history
  • Update OTA
  • Free application included
  • 2-year subscription included
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