The GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings for your bag

The GPS tracker ZEN

The GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings is a low-frequency GPS locator that works throughout Europe thanks to the Sigfox network.

The GPS tracker ZEN

It improves the daily life of many of its users who wish to secure their bags and personal belongings such as their laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Very light and minimal in size, it is easily concealed in a bag. With a connected smart object of this size, possessions are thus protected against theft on a daily basis. The GPS tracker ZEN By Beepings is the solution for people who need to secure their personal or professional belongings. By slipping it into a bag or satchel, the user will be warned in case of suspicious movement or if something is forgotten.

Thanks to its technology, the GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings requires no SIM card and includes a 3-year subscription in its offer. Its record-breaking autonomy means that it can be used for up to a year without the need to recharge. 

The Beepings application allows you to consult all the movements recorded by the GPS tracker and to receive notifications. It is possible, during a trip, for example, to know where your valuables are at any time. 

The GPS tracker ZEN

In addition, the Beepings application includes many possibilities, including one that allows Beepings users to share the position of their Beepings. It is thus possible to configure the application to alert friends and family if necessary.

The GPS tracker ZEN

Tips to use the GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings :

Motion Detection Alert

Did you leave your work bag in an unsecured locker?

Thanks to the motion detection function, you will be instantly alerted of any suspicious movement by notifications on your smartphone. 

Perimeter Alert

Sports bags, professional equipment, valuable musical instruments… will be well-guarded thanks to the perimeter alert that will warn you if they leave an area that you have defined. You can also define zone entry alerts that are always useful in certain situations.

An SOS button in case of problems

Unexpected failure and no battery left on your phone?

With the SOS button and user-to-user sharing, let your loved ones know you need assistance. They will be able to locate you and come to help you.

Here you can also find out how the tracker GPS ZEN by Beepings can be used for children’s backpacks.



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