ZEN by Beepings: the GPS tracker for your motorbike

The GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings is a low-frequency tracker that works throughout Europe thanks to the Sigfox network

It has improved the daily lives of its users protecting their motorbikes against theft. Its unique technology places it as one of the first European connected objects used against theft, as it is equipped with an anti-jamming system that allows it to remain connected to the SIGFOX network

Minimal in size and weighing (30 grams), the GPS tracker is easily hideable inside a motorbike. Thanks to the Lithium battery, the GPS tracker can have up to 1 year of autonomy and it doesn’t need a SIM card to work.

Its sale price includes a 3-year free subscription and for the following years the price is 9.9 € taxes included per year.  

The Beepings application allows you to consult all the motorbike movements recorded by the tracker with a history saved for up to 1 year. It is possible to be notified in the event of suspicious movement detection thanks to its integrated accelerometer. 

In addition, the Beepings application offers the possibility to set virtual perimeter boundaries in order to receive alerts when a motorbike enters or leaves a restricted area and to share all the functions of the tracker GPS ZEN with users having access to the dedicated “user space” in the Beepings application.

Thanks to the SOS function, it is possible to alert relatives by notification directly via the application. 

Your Beepings accessories

Listening to our customers’ needs, we have introduced the possibility to buy 12V or 24V converters, connectable to the vehicle battery, in order to give the tracker GPS ZEN unlimited autonomy.

Through the converters, the tracker recharges it-self autonomously and intelligently, preserving the motorbike battery.

Tips for using the Beepings Application functions 

Be instantaneously alerted of a suspicious movement detected

Do you park your motorbike in an unusual area or just down the street from home and you want to be alerted in case of suspicious movements? Thanks to the integrated motion detection you will receive instant notifications on your smartphone.

Functionality to define an alarm perimeter

Don’t be caught off guard if your son tries to use your new motorbike.
Thanks to the function “virtual boundary”, you will be able to set a virtual enclosure and in case your motorbike leaves the boundary you will be immediately alerted. 

Share your Beepings with your friends

Are you going on a road trip with your friends, and you want to know their position regularly? Thanks to the functionality “Share between users”, you will be able to share your Beepings with each other and, with the trip history backup, you will relive your trips up to a year later.

Discover here also the different uses of the GPS tracker ZEN by Beepings for the car.



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